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Table 1 strains used in this study

From: Dynamic assembly, localization and proteolysis of the Bacillus subtilis SMC complex

strain genotype reference
PY79 wild type [35]
PGΔ388 smc::kan [35]
JM51 smc-A (Walker A mutant) at amy this work
JM52 smc-C (C-motif mutant) at amy this work
JM59 smc::kan, smc-A at amy this work
JM60 smc::kan, smc-C at amy this work
EP58 smc::kan, smc at amy this work
JM25 smc-yfp [9]
JM8 scpA-yfp [7]
JM57 dnaAts, smc-yfp this work
JM45 dnaAts, scpA-yfp this work
JM58 dnaBts, smc-yfp this work
JM46 dnaBts, scpA-yfp this work