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Table 2 Relationship between the flow rate and the applied pressure

From: An easy-to-build and re-usable microfluidic system for live-cell imaging

Flow rate (μL/min) Pressure (kPa)
10 5.6
20 12.9
30 21.4
40 30.3
50 38.8
60 48.0
70 57.0
80 66.7
  1. Chips as Additional file 4C were assembled and filled with water. The flow rates through the chips were then set using high precision flow sensors, and the pressure applied to maintain each flow rate was assessed. This showed that the chip can withstand flow rates of 50 μL/min (see Table 1). Note that the value indicated by the pressure controller in these assays corresponds to that in the flow sensor, which is higher than the pressure in the microsystem itself (as determined in Table 1). The chips are therefore likely to be compatible with flow rates above 50 μL/min