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Table 2 Correlation of seminal bacterial infection with Leukocytospermia in subfertile males

From: Effect of bacterial infection on sperm quality and DNA fragmentation in subfertile men with Leukocytospermia

Bacterial ainfection Semen Sample b OR (95%CI) c P value
Leukocytospermia 3.93 (2.04–7.68) Total
Positive 38   60 3.93 (2.04–7.68) p < 0.001
Negative 34 78 112
Total 72 100 172   
  1. a Bacterial infection was explored in a total of 60 semen samples from subfertile men
  2. b Semen samples were considered as leukocytospermia when leukocyte counts were 106/mL
  3. c Odds ratio (OR) with 95% confidence interval (CI) was used to assess relationship between bacterial infection and leukocytospermia in semen samples